Operations Department

Dealing with the day-by-day vessel’s matters requires the timely execution and sound organization from the operational department in order to secure the best vessel performance, always ensuring safety and security. Keeping close contact with the vessels head of ranks is imperative for providing quick responses and advice for solving any problem that may arise.

One of the most important goals of the department is to maintain strong relationship with all the people involved (Charterers / Suppliers / Agents), while adequately advising for the vessels financial performance. Operational Manager: Mr George Sympouras. Managing director and Operational manager of Sunberry Oceanways Ltd. with extensive 40+ years’ experience in the shipping industry. 

Diverse background in both maritime sector and information technology ranging from data science, software development, programming, to fleet operation, purchase and acquisition. In the years 1978-1981, he developed a pioneer software for Ships and Information Management, which at a later stage was sold to 150+ Shipping Companies in Greece. In 1984 he established, in Piraeus, Symbol Computer Services, a company providing Software for the Shipping Enterprises.

Safety Department

According to Sunberry’s policy, the company provides for safe practices in ships operation and safe working environment, assesses all identified risks to its ships, personnel and the environment and establish appropriate safeguards. 
Closely following and implementing the International Safety Management (ISM) guidelines, the company’s aims to continuously apply all the appropriate measures and new rules in order to maintain a high level of safety.
The department is responsible for auditing both the vessels and the office internal procedures on a daily basis, claims handling as well as the risk management assessment. Head of the department is Mr Antonios Sympouras. With more than 10 years of experience and a Designated Person Ashore (DPA), ensures that the company’s vessels are managed safely and efficiently. His has BSc in Maritime Studies from the University of Piraeus and an MSc in Business & Risk Management of University of Athens.

Technical department

The technical department provides technical support and any additional technical documentation and assistance to shipboard personnel for the proper operation and maintenance of the vessels. Ensures that the company’s policies and procedures are followed. Prepares reports, collects vessels performance data and inputs he various technical information, service reports in the company’s system as well as information related to purchasing, invoicing, certification and various technical matters. Our company’s Superintendent Engineers pay frequent visits to the vessels to attest the condition of engines and the relevant inventory. Proper maintenance is achieved by daily monitoring of vessels’ performance and their surveys. The department is also responsible for timely and efficient supply of spares, and stores. Head of this department is Mr Stamatis Sympouras. He is the current Technical Manager with a MEng Naval Architect & Marine Engineer degree from the University of Strathclyde, a licensed 3rd engineer with 2 years of sea service experience and 7 years as Superintendent Engineer.

Crew Department

We, at Sunberry, consider the human element the backbone of shipping industry, an ever- changing field that demands a high standard across the entire range of activities. We ensure that all of our seamen have all the necessary qualification and licenses required to comply with international conventions, standards and regulations thereby ensuring that our vessels are manned by experienced, competent and well-trained personnel.

Our responsibilities in particular include:

Accounting Department

The Financial Reporting Department creates adjusting journal entries to bring the company’s initial financial results into compliance with the applicable accounting framework (International Financial Reporting Standards) and prepares financial statements following the end of each reporting period. Moreover, financial controls including reconciliations following the IFRS are implemented with a view toward compliance and fraud prevention, in order to ensure that our internal procedures are set up properly to manage that process without errors.
The Accounting Department’s focus is on the day-to-day financial activities of the company. More specifically, the Accounting Department deals with the proper accounting of:

Our priority in Sunberry Oceanways Ltd. is to provide accurate, complete and useful information to the users of our financial statements / reports. In order to achieve this, we collect data properly from the accounting software to prepare financial reports that can be used for budgeting, forecasting and other decision-making process. Head of the Accounting / Financial Reporting Department is Ms. Anastasiou Sofia. Extensive work experience in large auditing firms (Deloitte, Moore Stephens) specialized in audit, financial analysis & reporting of shipping companies. Tax consultant Professional License (A’ class) holder as well as CPA: Certified Public Accountant, IFRS Specialist: DipIFR – Diploma in International Financial Reporting Standards, ACCA Professional Certification: Postgraduate professional qualification for auditors / accountants of IESOEL (Institute for the Education of Certified Accountants). She hold a BSc in Economic Studies and an MSc in Applied Accounting & Auditing by the University of Athens.