The policy of Sunberry

The policy of Sunberry Oceanways Ltd. is to manage and operate dry cargo ships ensuring a consistent level of safety at sea, prevention of accidents, avoidance of damage to property and protection of the marine environment, through established procedures and practices, compliance with mandatory national & international Rules and Regulations, consideration of recommended codes, guidelines, industry standards and continuous improvement.

Safety management skills are being continuously improved both for personnel ashore and aboard ships by preparing for all types of emergencies.

The company will fulfill policy’s goals combining her Safety Management System with the active involvement and support of all shore and shipboard employees.


Our priority in Sunberry Oceanways Ltd. is to provide accurate, complete and useful information to the users of our financial statements / reports.

Operations Department

Dealing with the day-by-day vessel’s matters requires the timely execution and sound organization of the operation department in order to secure the best vessel performance, always ensuring safety and security.

Safety Department

Τhe company provides for safe practices in ships operation and safe working environment, assesses all identified risks to its ships, personnel and the environment and establish appropriate safeguards.

Crew Department

We, at Sunberry, consider the human element the backbone of shipping industry, an ever- changing field that demands a high standard across the entire range of activities.

Technical Department

The technical department provides technical support and any additional technical documentation and assistance to shipboard personnel for the proper operation and maintenance of the vessels.

Accounting Department

The Financial Reporting Department creates adjusting journal entries to bring the company’s initial financial results into compliance with the applicable accounting framework and prepares financial statements following the end of each reporting period.

All Departments

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